About Klin

Who We Are 

Klin is a line of wellness and personal protection products from a 100% Filipino-owned company which was founded in April 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic started gaining its hold on the Philippines. 

Four business partners from diverse backgrounds came together with a common vision to help in the nation’s fight against Covid-19, by offering accessible personal protection solutions to the Filipino public. Currently, it produces Klinhands Isopropyl Alcohol, Klinhands Ethyl Alcohol, Klinmasks, and Klinwater from its factory in Guiguinto, Bulacan. These are made available through distribution to the supermarket, drug stores, local groceries, hospitals, government agencies, and private companies. 

Each Klin product is proudly made in the Philippines, by Filipinos who care for your health and safety. All of our products are manufactured locally using quality materials and are produced with world-class safety standards in mind. At every step of production, personnel is required to wear protective gear and practice the required health and safety protocols to avoid contamination of the products. The raw materials need to pass rigid standards prior to the acceptance and are manufactured into Klin products using current and modern technology for optimal efficiency and productivity.

The company commits to its mission to help local communities by providing employment and income opportunities, together with making high-quality health and personal protection products accessible for the medical profession and the general public. 

Klin products, being wholly Philippine-made are proud bearers of symbols of the Filipino values of resiliency, hospitality, and quality of workmanship. The same values will make Klin products shine above the rest as world-class personal protection and wellness products that are made with care by Filipino hands and hearts.  

Klin believes that through any challenges, the country can Rise as One. 

The Klin Vision

To be a renowned manufacturer of certified and quality sanitation and hygiene products that raise the Philippine-made products at par with the world standards.

The Klin Mission

Living up to the hand that symbolizes the company, our mission is to provide excellent FDA certified products that help uplift and save lives.

The Klin partners

Roland M. Roque and Maria Ramona M. Roque

A husband and wife team who are engaged in property leasing, construction, and development of community malls. Already a decade in this industry, they started their pocket mall developments in the heart of Malolos, Bulacan, and have expanded in areas such as Marikina, Quezon City, and San Ildefonso. They are also into the business of food retail through their restaurant and cafe franchises.

Dr. Joseph Ross S. Jocson, Ph.D., Colonel, Reserve Armed Forces

A graduate and a licensed Chemical Engineer from the University of Santo Tomas, Dr. Jocson is a six-term President of the Packaging Institute of the Philippines and the current Vice-President of the Asian Packaging Federation. A Director of several institutions and organizations in the country, both in the private and government sector, he is also a commissioned Reserve Officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He is an awardee of two doctorate degrees Honoris Causa and a master’s degree from the National Security Administration.

Capt. Ronald D Clemente

Capt. Clemente is a former Scout Ranger of the Philippine Army and an International Business Distributor of Kyani Philippines.

Contact Klin

23 RMR Builders, Inc.
Warehouse D, GD Plaza
8002 McArthur Highway
Ilang-ilang, Guiguinto
Bulacan, Philippines 3017

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/klincaresph/